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Kicking All Odds

“In our culture,” said Rukayya Takrori, 50, the Palestinian National team’s manager, “Palestinian women work side by side with the men in the fields and factories. They fight together, demonstrate together. Sometimes she takes the place of the man because he is in jail or is in the mountains, hiding.” This game, she said, proved that “Palestinian women can do everything — even football.”

–Excerpt from The New York Times article:  “One Field, Two Goals: Equality and Statehood” by Isabel Kershner.

Kicking All Odds is a glimpse of modern Arab women playing for the Palestine National Women’s Football team – focusing specifically on three of the first National team players: Honey, a devout Christian who dreams of representing Palestine in the international arena; Niveen, a liberal Muslim who wants to improve the quality of life in her community; and Niveen’s younger sister Nadin, who wants to find and share her life with a man who will appreciate her athletic career. Together they deal with cultural and religious prejudice, the ongoing conflict with Israel, and following their dreams on this mixed Christian and Muslim team.

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